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July 19th, 2008, 2:25 am

So far So good

Hopefully we can stay on track and keep up with our schedule :D

This is something that I've noticed a little. There will be some cursing here, but I'm sure you're all old enough to handle it (I hope...)
If I see any rude commenting or anything that was mentioned in the warnings that you so happened to skip and decide to bitch out on us;
One, you shall be laughed at, and
Two, your comment will then be screencaped by moi and deleted after a thorough flaming because, yes, if you're going to be that immature about it, then so am I.

A tiny little Edit:
Just fixing a small typo...and the layout :D If the page is wacky don't mind it for now =D
Hihi, I'm currently working on the layout so don't mind it's weirdness for the moment. If there is anything wrong with it, like the template breaking or colors that are off/different/weird, please let me know. I was pretty lazy with this and just took the layout I used for Photogenic ^^;

July 3rd, 2008, 10:30 pm


Things I wanted to add that are in our comic that might be offensive or may test the comfort level of people.

Our crossover does contain a FEW shonen ai/shoujo ai couples/pairing w/e in it but seriously that's not what the plot (if their really is one) is about. I felt that putting it in the description would only give off the wrong message and we would NOT like that.

Another thing to be clarified. This is a CROSSOVER not a COLLAB! THIS IS TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING NOT SPUR OF THE MOMENT TO FOLLOW SOME SHITTY-ASS TREND PLAGUING GOSH DARN SMACKJEEVES BECAUSE COMMON SENSE SEEMS TO BE EXTINCT! No you can't join. But we do appreciate all who read. We just ask you refrain from stupid comments or questions.

Please remember to respect our comic. We don't go around bashing people's comics or so on. If you don't like it don't read sincerely. If you want a really good-hearted comic with no motives behind it but the bonds of friendship and for the sake of bringing some decent entertainment(LIKE COMICS ARE SUPPOSE TO) then please do read on.

Please understand we are really nice people, but we really just don't want to deal with Senseless stupidity. SILLY/RANDOM/FUN/HARMLESS STUPIDITY IS A-OKAY.

Truly Appreciated,
The Staff

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